The Good Adventurers

The Good Adventurers is a family drama set against a backdrop of 1910’s England, France, and Switzerland.

The story started with a reference from a Robert Louis Stevenson story, a poorly informed case of Anglophilia, a list of names, and two dogs, Max and Bentley, who provided the inspiration for a certain character.

The Good Adventurers mood board

The Plot

Peter Bertram has been playing the violin since the age of three. He knows he has what it takes to succeed on the stage, but as heir to one of England’s largest banks, he will never make it past the seats in a concert hall.

Someone else has different plans. Behind the façade of Bertram’s of London lies untold wealth and an old family secret. An estranged relative, driven by revenge, wants control of those riches, but Peter and his father stand in his way.

When Peter’s last resort from a career in finance is lost, his future in performance is put on the line. To have his way will cost him his family ties and inheritance . His ailing father is the sole obstacle between a convicted criminal and Bertram’s of London, and now their only salvation is turning a blind eye to the man who wants nothing less than their lives—or their fortunes.

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First Installment 

Second Installment

Third Installment

Fourth Installment

Fifth Installment

Sixth Installment

Seventh Installment

Character Interviews

Peter Bertram, Lord Lyttelton

Catherine, Lady Bertram

Roger, Lord Bertram

Sir Walter Gilbreth

Patrick Byrne

Max Bentley

Ivy Byrne

Heinrich von Werden Bertram


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