Verbania Treasure (Lizard Garden #2) by Anne Philips

verbania treasureThe Book

Time is running out! When outspoken, marathon-running Grandma Sybil invites thirteen-year-old Charlotte and her other grandchildren to join her on a trip to Italy for one last chance to find the family treasure, they learn she holds other, bigger family secrets. The search for Great-Grandpa Sam’s final, extravagant gift takes them to a mountaintop, an island palace, and even the belly of a giant, cast-iron statue. But when Grandma Sybil inexplicably wants to quit just as they’re about to succeed, the children must find out why, and work together to complete their quest.

My Thoughts

Anne has created another lovely, family-centered story in Verbania Treasure. As someone with many dear cousins, I loved the dynamic between the children and Grandma Sybil. Grandma Sybil is tenacious enough to beat cancer and take her grandchildren with her to Italy by herself, but in Verbania Treasure we get to know her better as she faces lifelong fears and shares her family history with Charlotte and the others.

The treasure was really what made Verbania Treasure a truly special story. Though The Lizard Garden was a fun and exciting introduction to the characters of Charlotte and her family, in Verbania Treasure they really come alive, and I hope the story continues to a third book so we get to see more of their lives!

The scenery was also a brilliant part of the story. Anne makes Verbania come alive on the pages with detailed descriptions of Lake Maggiore and the towns around it. I felt like I had been transported to Italy as I read, and like Charlotte, I have the Blue Grotto on my bucket list. 🙂

Five stars.

I was given a copy of this book to read in exchange for a fair and honest review. 

You can find the e-book or purchase a paperback copy here.


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