2016 Recap


My NYE looked like a quiet evening at home alone working on paintings for a client, eating homemade pizza, and watching Cary Grant movies. The rest of my family went to our church’s party, but I stayed home on account of a bad cold. I was a little bummed honestly, not because I had to stay home (#introvert) but more because I’m sick for the second time recently.

I’ve been reflecting a lot on 2016 and what it held and I’ve made a few good observations. It was a year of new experiences and changes. I graduated from high school, started taking piano lessons, worked my first regular summer job, got my driver’s permit, had my wisdom teeth pulled, and started my own small business. I’ve learned a lot from that already in less than two months that I’m excited to see play out in the new year. But mostly it’s personal observations.
I spent a lot of 2016 living other people’s lives vicariously through social media, and unfortunately, I feel like I missed out on a lot of my own. I expected more from my life than I should have and it left me feeling let down. So something I want to focus on this year is building my own personal experiences. To not feel like I have to live up to someone else’s expectations. Not trying to impress anyone. Just being me, working hard, and making dreams into goals into reality.
I have a lot of goals that are still fuzzy, but my main two are to finish editing and start publishing The Good Adventurers and to start taking voice lessons. I focused mainly on my art last year, and good things came out of my work. But I adore singing and I love my writing and I want to put special emphasis on those this year. Somewhere in there I will have to find balance, but that’s all part of the process.
Here’s to an amazing 2017!

Favorite memories:

Going shopping a year ago on New Years’ Day in Oakbrook,
Getting frozen custard after a sister/senior photoshoot.
‘Painting’ macarons. This was such a fun project!
Getting ready for my graduation ceremony and party. So grateful for my family who put in so much hard work to help make my big ideas come true.
Going to my mother’s cousin’s beautiful wedding in St. Louis.
urban market.jpg
Helping my sis host her first show in December! It was a big success and so much fun.
Taking the South Shore to Chicago to hang out with these crazy people to ice skate and flash mob carol.
There’s kind of a theme in those, if you didn’t notice.

2016 Reading List.

The Last of the Mohicans by James Fennimore Cooper
The Secret of Chimneys and The Seven Dials Mystery by Agatha Christie
The Code of the Woosters  by P.G. Wodehouse
Handbook for Spies by Alexander Foote
Jungle of Stone by William Carlsen
Discipline by Elisabeth Elliot
A lot of these still need reviewed, so look out for those posts eventually! If there’s one you see you’re especially interested in feel free to request a review! 😀

2 thoughts on “2016 Recap

  1. I’m sorry you were sick on NYE! My little sister was too! I love your recap, such lovely memories. 😀 I think one of my favorite memories of 2016 was getting to know you more and reading your book.


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