A Season of Doing

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These last few weeks I have clung to summer. I worked a job over July and spent August preparing for my graduation, and coming into September I felt as though I had missed a significant part of the season. I watched unenthusiastically as people posted about their pumpkin spice lattes and Christmas decor appeared on store shelves.

Three weeks ago I was taking in the last few days of summer as fully as I could. We went to the lake to watch the sunset, visited with friends on their farm, went bowling and to the zoo. Our little stay-cation was fun and refreshing, but as autumn struck last week I was suddenly ready.

The leaves of the big Cherry trees in our neighborhood began ripen in color to auburn and golden and I saw a Great Blue Heron sweeping through the sky. And I was happy.

• • •

Seasons don’t simply mark time. They don’t just represent a change in the weather. There’s a reason we say we go through ‘seasons of life’.

The changing colors and cloudy skies and Starbucks menu options gave me a little nudge into the new season and what I feel is a new season of my own.

In a little over a month I will be eighteen.

Last year at this time, I was still getting into the hang of blogging. I had not yet gotten accounts on Twitter or Instagram. I felt small. I could not seem to garner the booming stats I wanted and thought I needed. I tried blogging about a few different things trying to find my niche; fashion, crafting, and baking.

Now, a year and a little more in, I am finding my stride. I have ideas. My writing is improving. I have reached out on more platforms, gained followers, and more importantly, made new friends.

That was a season of starting.

Earlier this year, I found myself in a place in the writing process where I felt stuck. Beta reading. I was excited to be there, in one sense, and I braced myself expectantly for all the constructive criticism. The only problem? I couldn’t get it to come. I was pressed out of my comfort zone into a place where I felt rude, nagging the friends who had offered to help me. I felt terrible for it. Some of them weren’t the right fit. The process stalled. I could not move forward without that criticism. Delays in responses made me doubt myself. Was The Good Adventurers not interesting? Was the writing bad? It was my first time, and I made the mistake of comparing my first round to other people’s third, or fourth, or fifth. I saw them getting pats on the back from their friends and people fangirling. I felt alone. It was hard. Really hard.

But eventually I heard back.  I got some good advice. I even got to fangirl and use Adventurer references in chats with friends. I got past it, and I have the experience behind me for future reference.

It was a season of learning. 

Moving into autumn, I’m keeping busy with new things. Exciting things.

I have finished round one of editing part 1 of The Good Adventurers. This involves making sure my quotation marks are consistent and my ‘thats’ are pared down to as few as possible. (You get me.) And that is very time consuming. I have two parts to yet complete. My goal is 100K words, and I am 9K more than that currently. I mean to do it well, because querying is on my list of things to do next year.

Mendelssohn and Bach have kind of clicked for me in the last few weeks. I can play fluently through one of the Songs Without Words that I never even looked at as doable before I started lessons in May, and I have been offered new opportunities to sing.

I have a deliciously teetering TBR for the first time in ages. I just need a ride to the library. Hopefully, I will be able to take myself before much longer—I drove for the first time last week. (I told you I was doing exciting things. :P) Getting my licence is pretty far up on the list of things to also do new next year. The idea of just having it fills me with a feeling of enlargement and independence.

I have also been filled with inspiration. Story ideas and art concepts have come to mind that I can’t create them all.

I am filled with a sense of anticipation. Even if it is only the tiniest one, every step forward fills me with joy and fulfillment. I longed for summer to stay because I couldn’t see ahead. But now I can.

The holidays are coming. The ever looked-forward-to family reunion is next week. (like what. how even. O.O ). Then there’s my birthday, (for which I have already chosen the menu), and Thanksgiving, and then CHRISTMAS! And New Years!

Ahead, I am going places, getting my life in order, starting a business, gaining freedoms and responsibilities, and learning new things.

This is a season of doing.

And I’m looking forward to embracing it.

What are you up to this fall? Are you in an exciting season of life as well? How are you embracing it? Tell me all about it in the comments! I love to hear from you. 😀





2 thoughts on “A Season of Doing

  1. I loved reading your book… just to be encouraging. I can’t wait to hold a hard copy in my hands one day!
    Fall is going to definitely be filled with school and work — but mostly hanging out with my friends and taking pictures. And writing. LOTS of writing. So it’s safe to say, I’m excited for this season of life. xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really appreciate your helping, Ashton! You were one of my best betas. 😀 I was testing new waters with big expectations, and you really met them.
      Yay for friends being in exciting seasons too! 🙂


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