Long Term Goals

*Bounces in*

Here I am, graduated, and with about three weeks of summer left. I worked a job over the month of July, and sadly neglected my writing during the course of last month, because I spent the majority of August party planning. The concensus in our house now is that we’d kill ourselves trying to plan a wedding. XD

Party preppin’ (Photo credits go to my sister, Lauren.)

But here I am, alive, and my only regret is that we didn’t start the whole shindig earlier because the party was too short.

With high school behind me, I’m pulling some projects off the back burner for this fall.

This is where the long term goals come in. Rather than a usual checklist of monthly tasks, I’m going to take the whole thing a little further this time and discuss bigger things.

I was recently inspired by someone who shared a list of goals they made five years ago, and how far they had come. It got me thinking about long term goals. It’s easy to get caught up in the here and now and near future, but nearsightedness only gets a body so far. However, after watching my two older sisters in their post-high school journeys, I’ve realized that in planning and executing Big Goals a body has to strike a delicate balance between purpose and flexibility. If I caught up in an idea and become hyper-focused, I may run the risk of missing or brushing aside some important change, because I tend to focus on details.

My sister informed me that I am a perfectionist while I was hanging the honeycomb decor in the picture at the top of the page. I vigorously denied that fact, but I’m more of one than I realize. It isn’t wrong, necessarily, and it’s important for writers to be detail oriented. But occasionally I do have to step back and look at the big picture for a minute, whether in real life or in my writing. While I was focused on hanging all the little detailed decorations, my mom and sisters were arranging tables and chairs and setting up the food tables. I waned it to look nice, but had it just been me working on the planning I would have forgotten the bigger, more important pieces of it–like inviting people.

So I’m stepping back from the details for a little while to refocus and look ahead. I don’t wish to overwhelm you all with my big ideas, so I’m only going to share a few. ^_^

One particular idea has been stewing for a while, which involves two of my very favorite things, history and art. I shared it recently with my oldest sister, and, to my delight, she thought it was a good idea. *gasp* And, well, you know, having someone on board makes things a whole lot more viable. The only issue is that this idea, still under wraps, involves a very different platform and strategy than what I know about, (e.g., it isn’t fiction). My very knowledgeable sister gave me some advice and a little digging backed up what she told me.

So. . .

Goal #1:

Build a viable platform of 1K+ followers. This involves an audience reaching beyond writers into the educational realm, so this is going to require a whole lot of research. I’m trying not to melt into a puddle of cluelessness over this, which, TBH, is exactly what I am.

Goal #2

Next up is something that doesn’t exactly count as a five year goal. I like to think of it as a jumping off point for a facet of the previous one, however. I had planned to start this at the beginning of this summer. I recall telling my sisters at the end of May I was going to postpone it until after our Memorial Day vacation, and, well, BWAHAHAHAHA. I had NO IDEA. Ambitious? Yes. Realistic? *cue more maniacal laughter*

But I’m determined to make it happen, and it’s coming this November. It would have happened this month, but I can’t make it work until I’m eighteen. 😦 I’m a little dissapointed about that, but it’s only a couple months distant, and so that means I have longer to step back and really make sure I have my ducks in a row and I can actually pull it off. But be on the lookout for little sneak peeks I plan to share. 😀

Goal #3

And another one of these five year goals, the most predictable of them perhaps, is to publish The Good Adventurers. I understand that publishing is a long process, whether you  take a traditional route or self-publish. If the first one doesn’t work out for me, I may try self-publishing. I still have a good deal of polishing to do before seriously considering either option, so I’m taking it in stride. I heard someone suggest recording a memo of yourself reading aloud and playing it back to yourself to get a feel for the voice, syntactic errors, etc., and that is on the top of the make-this-happen/to-do list, along with fixing my tendency to tell instead of showing.

I plan to blog regularly from now on, so look out for an Autumn TBR, a possible short story, some book reviews, and other bookish stuff.

What are your big goals? Do you have any big plans for this fall? Tell me about them in the comments section below! I love hearing from you!


3 thoughts on “Long Term Goals

  1. Soooo glad to see you back to blogging! I’ve missed you! *jumps for joy*

    I like your goals… I hope to see a book of yours published sometime in the near-future! 😀
    Fall plans for me… well, to travel to more places for photography uni. A lot of planning shall go into that. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay for big plans! And YAY for perfectionism! I think being a perfectionist can often suck because we get frustrated/stuck so much trying to get things right.😂 But it’s so worth it when things look wonderful and we get all the details sorted. The world neeeeeds we perfectionists! *nods* GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR GOALS! Particularly with publishing in the future! That’s a huge goal, eep, and I hope you achieve it! My only upcoming goals for the rest of this year are basically to write another novel (or two!) and finish off my TBR pile! The second on is the laughable one hahah, because my TBR is like the size of the Eiffel Tower.😂 But I can dream?!

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel so honored that you came to my humble corner of the internet and left a comment. XD I’m secretly looking forward to this publishing idea. It sounds so exciting, but I’m sure I’ll need all the luck I can get. Good luck with your writing, too, and your TBR. (hehe) YOU CAN DO THIS, CAIT! 😀 Imagine the rejoicing! (But then you’d have to do it over again, so maybe not?) 😉


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