Blogiversary + A Break


Hello, lovelies!

This Sunday marks the one year anniversary of my first post. It’s been a great first year overall, I’d say, with almost 1400 visitors from 37 countries. Many thanks to those who have left comments! (That’s my favorite kind of reader.) ^_^

I had hoped to do a blogiversary bash, with a celebratory cake (or something necessary like that,) and maybe a giveaway. But, sadly, graduating years with rites of passages like full time summer jobs and upcoming family reunion stuffage do not take consideration of blogging schedules. (How rude, eh?)

In fact, they have come in a big wave and swamped me, and so I am here to bid adieu until after Labor Day, most likely. For, alas! One simply cannot run a blog, and read books, and write books, and keep up with friends, and hold a job, and still do all the lifey things like eat and sleep. It simply is not within human capabilities.

In the meanwhile, I’ll still be active in other places, for this is merely a blogging hiatus I am announcing, not an all encompassing internet one. I am on Facebook, Twitter, and most lately, Instagram, which I adore.

And at the end of summering, I will be back with many exciting Things, including but not limited to: book reviews, recipes, life happenings, art, art, and more art.

So, until then, au revoir!


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