Blogiversary + A Break

Hello, lovelies! This Sunday marks the one year anniversary of my first post. It’s been a great first year overall, I’d say, with almost 1400 visitors from 37 countries. Many thanks to those who have left comments! (That’s my favorite kind of reader.) ^_^ I had hoped to do a blogiversary bash, with a celebratory … More Blogiversary + A Break

An Interview with The Henchmen | The Good Adventurers

The Henchmen are the face of the true villain of The Good Adventurers. Today I will be interviewing all three, so grab your cup of tea or coffee and settle in, cause it’s a longish one. First, Helmut Sachs. He changed his surname recently. It’s definitely less outlandish than the old one, so it is an improvement. … More An Interview with The Henchmen | The Good Adventurers

June 2016 Checklist

Ahh! It’s June! *cheers* This is my favorite month, for many reasons, but one of the main ones is the pristine weather. Everything is lush and in full bloom and hasn’t been blasted with heat and lack of rain. 🙂 That said, it’s a new month and that means a checklist. last month: may 2016 … More June 2016 Checklist