May 2016 Checklist

Hello May

Last Month: April 2016

  • Add 50,000 words to the first draft of The Four Colonials.
  • Finish my school studies for the year.

This actually ended up more like:

  • Added 15K words to two different WIPs (which is acceptable in Camp Nano, I believe.)
  • Finished Consumer Math. In other words, I never have to do math again. *breathes deep sighs of relief*
  • Got my wisdom teeth out.

And that last thing there was the culprit.

I spent a while scanning and scouring file archives for old pictures to have printed, and I finished Buchan’s Richard Hannay stories while I was recovering. (Reviews coming soon, I promise!)

I also finished organizing the church library. *Whew* Who knew it could be such a task to write book titles on slips? (It actually just takes forever.)

Looking to the future:

This Month: May 2016

  • Finish school studies.
  • Make undefined progress on The Four Colonials
  • Spend time on art.

I’m over the moon excited about The Four Colonials. I spend a good deal of time thinking about the story when I’m not writing it, and over the last few days little details have been standing out to me that I must needs go and include. If I plan to round it out at about 100K, I need to write anywhere between 55K and 65K over the next two months, as I would love to participate in July’s Camp Nano and finish it then.

And the art. Watercolor and handlettering are things I want to make more than a pastime, and I have concepts for this, but I need to practice.

Look for it, look for it. . .

And I got a picture with Ted Cruz! Sort of. XD

And Things I’m Loving Lately:

Remember last month when I posted about Kate Spade New York x Keds rose gold glitter sneakers? Now they have them in aqua. XD


I fell head over heels for balloon arches last year after seeing this one by The House That Lars Built for BHLDN. I want to do something similar for my graduation party, as it would be a good way to add color and brighten up an ugly or plain spot. Plus, it was touted as ‘economical’. Good, right? Sure, I thought. So I went to do my research. Chicken wire was the recommended base, and I went to the source of all things, Amazon, to see what they had to offer. And they had 18″ x 39″ (not even a square yard, for goodness sake) for $8. And when I started adding up the price of everything needed it was looking less and less economical and more and more astronomical and my castles were starting to crumble from a marked lack of funds.

It turns out that the internet isn’t always the best place to look for stuff. Home Depot is offering a roll 2×20 feet for three bucks. (Take that, Amazon!)

Isn’t it dreamy? *sigh* Source:

So, tell all! What are you doing this month? How did you do in Camp Nano?


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