March 2016 Checklist

March Lydia Carns Blog

Last Month: February 2016

  • Make the time for writing. Check
  • Make the illustrating happen. Check
  • Finish Geometry. I got a better grade on the Bane than I anticipated, so double confetti. 🙂

This Month: March 2016

  • Now that I’m writing, write consistently.
  • Make progress on graduation bash/gala/party plans.
  • Prepare blog posts so I’m not caught posting nonsense at the last minute. 🙂

I’ve been under the effects of a type of writer’s block for the last few months, so buckling down helped me get back into the swing of things. It’s a new project too, one you’ll be hearing more about in the future. If you’re interested, my storyboard for the book, The Four Colonials, is here, and I’ll be posting about it throughout the month on Twitter as part of #WIPjoy.

And the illustrating. I’m pushing to complete one painting for each chapter in the Good Adventurers. That’s thirty-five total, but I’m working on three or four and just finished three more for a total of more fourteen in progress and complete.

Bertram's of London watermarked.jpg


And because it was Leap Day Monday, mom declared a holiday and we went on a day trip to Chicago. After lunch at the Signature Room (it took my ears a couple day to recover from the 95 story elevator ride), we skated on the ribbon at Maggie Daley Park. It has inclines. O.o. Then we tried a cafe and did a little window shopping.

Resting in American Girl Doll at the Water Tower Place.

Tuesday was a sick day. And it snowed. (You win some, you lose some. 😛 )

On a brighter note:

Things I’m loving lately:

Watercolor decor on cakes. So pretty. This one particularly reminds me of what my paper looks like when I’m mixing color with my pencils. And the topper is on point.

watercolor cake

The lace up flats trend. I’m not into the gladiator sandals, but the flats with laces are daintier and so more my style. These red ones are from Boden. J’adore.


shoes that pop


A lovely March to all! 🙂




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