The Good Adventurers Snippets | Seventh Installment

She dropped the basket and screamed instinctively. A harsh voice rasped behind her. “Schweigen ihr, Fritz!” The stillness was broken by the sweet chiming of multiple bells. Ivy thought that she had died, but when she opened her eyes her skewed vision met the pattern of the carpet. Ivy hated that carpet. Surely there was … More The Good Adventurers Snippets | Seventh Installment

March 2016 Checklist

Last Month: February 2016 Make the time for writing. Check Make the illustrating happen. Check Finish Geometry. I got a better grade on the Bane than I anticipated, so double confetti. 🙂 This Month: March 2016 Now that I’m writing, write consistently. Make progress on graduation bash/gala/party plans. Prepare blog posts so I’m not caught posting nonsense at … More March 2016 Checklist