February 2016 Checklist

february header.jpg

The weather here had been mild the last few days and now I want to jump right into spring. Hurrah for early Easter, because that seems to put more ‘spring’ into things. 😉

Last Month: January 2016

  • start plans for a senior recital/graduation party because I’m graduating this year! 
  • A no-heat challenge for my poor, befrizzled hair.
  • Make more time for music practice in preparation for piano lessons.

I did some picture sorting for oldies to scan and have printed. Yeah, well, the music prep wouldn’t suffer from more attention. And there was that Sunday I caved and curled my hair. (No heat waves are unpredictable stuffage.)

This month: February 2016 

  • Make time for writing.
  • Make the illustrating happen.
  • Oh, and bring on the confetti! I’m set to finish the Bane geometry forevermore this month. *happy dance*

That’s about all, though. Februaries are a good time to focus on important tasks because there’s fewer distractions for me.  🙂

Things I’m loving lately:

Calligraphy videos! Laura Hooper’s are my favorite, and the one I’ve shared below i hers. For brush calligraphy, Pieces Calligraphy has nice brushstroke studies on her IG which I also enjoy. (Click the image to play.) It’s mesmerizing.

I tried making these puffy tacos and I loved the way they turned out. The recipe is here at How Sweet Eats, one of my favorite food blogs. All the food Jessica makes is colorful and sounds absolutely delish.

the best beef puffy tacos I howsweeteats.com

How are all you surviving winter? Tell me about it in the comments. I love hearing from you!




3 thoughts on “February 2016 Checklist

    1. Yeah! It’s an icebox down in the basement where I usually work so I feel ya’. 😀 It’s absolutely gorgeous here in IN, though! It’s supposed to be 50F Sunday. I’m thinking can we just skip February altogether? 😉


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