A Sunshiny Tag

sunshine 2
Sunshine. (In case you’ve forgotten what it looks like. . .XD )

I was tagged by Schuyler @ Lady Bibliophile for the Sunshine tag. I am supposed to share seven things about myself. For some odd reason, I find making these lists hard, but I shall endure.

  1. I recently took up the organ. It’s not so hard; if you can read music all you need (besides the organ, of course) is a bit of coordination. Also, I understand why some organs have a light under the keyboard. It’s because you can’t see what on earth you’re doing with your feet down in the darkest depths. Also, I am short, the bench is slippery, and thus I have to stop every few measures and squirm back up onto the middle of the seat. But it’s heaps of fun otherwise.
  2.  Long before yesterday’s Twitter conversation I have had trouble settling on my personality type. It’s ‘I’ something, though I think sometimes I err towards Extrovert. My sisters are crazy about Meyer-Briggs, so it’s just my luck to be undefinable. 😛
  3. McDonald’s M&M McFlurries are better than most desserts. Except a frappuccino.
  4. At any given occasion, I would be the overdressed guest, but I used to hate clothes shopping. My favorite brands are Kate Spade and Ann Taylor.
  5. I read so few books in reality that I sometimes doubt I qualify as a bookworm. It’s sad.
  6. If I could drive any car I want I would have a cherry-red convertible Mini Cooper. (But who am I kidding; I don’t even have my permit yet. 😛 )
  7. I would like to travel to a dozen places at any given time. Topping the list currently: New Zealand, San Fransisco, Charleston, SC, and Italy. Chances are it’s considerably warmer in any of those places than here. But Paris, London, Ireland, Switzerland, New York City, and Boston would always be beyond amazing. Chicago is more within proximity, though. Day trips there are always a blast. 🙂

There you go! I tag Hope @ Writing in the Light and Ashton @ Jungle Chica.

And some more digital D vitamins. *basks in warmth*




3 thoughts on “A Sunshiny Tag

  1. How neat that you play the organ! That’s a bit of a lost art, and I think it’s really cool that you’re learning it and continuing it on. There’s something so powerful in the sound of a good organ.

    And your car choice is absolutely adorable. 😀

    Thanks for joining in the tag! I loved reading your facts.


    Liked by 1 person

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