Two Ways to Style a Blanket Scarf

I had never considered buying a blanket scarf until a week ago when I was at the mall for an eye appointment. (That’s right! the glasses are back. 🙂 )  In my last fashion post, I wore a skirt I found on consignment that was by Express. I popped in the store with my sister, who had never been in, and picked this out of the clearance bin to try on for fun. I never consider buying winter scarves because I have a lovely Pashmina one with a matching hat. It’s hard to beat. But I loved it.

There are several ways to style it, but these are my two favorite ones.

The ‘normal’ way.

lauren carns-4164

Red isn’t my favorite color, but I surprise myself with the large number of bright red options I have in my wardrobe. (The number seems to be growing steadily.) I don’t look good in darker shades, but I discovered that I can pull off a poppy/fire engine shade. The cardigan is from Kate Spade. It has a great fit and I love the bow detail on the cuffs. (You can’t see it all that well in these.) I don’t know where the rhinestone bracelet is from, but I believe the sparkly bangle is Ann Taylor. The necklace is also off brand.

lauren carns-4162lauren carns-4176lauren carns-4167

And the ‘vest’ style. That is what I liken it to, anyway. You could also rearrange this style to form a sort of drape-y poncho look. I folded the scarf over twice and belted it. The belt is from Old Navy or Kohls. Both are great for belts. My boots are Anne Klein (old) from Marshalls. They are the best. They have just the right amount of heel.

lauren carns-4186lauren carns-4197

The watch is Charming Charlie. I have been very pleased with how long their watches last. The bangles are Target. (Borrowed.) Shout out to the co-sponsors of this post for loaning their jewelry on various occasions. 😀

lauren carns-4186lauren carns-4196lauren carns-4188lauren carns-4183lauren carns-4181lauren carns-4182

My harido is two fishtail braids that are stretched and tucked into each other at the back.

lauren carns-4194lauren carns-4192

And an outtake. As it happens, snow is cold. Surprise, surprise. 🙂




4 thoughts on “Two Ways to Style a Blanket Scarf

    1. You must! They’re super cozy. I forsee many hours of using it while I work to keep myself warm. 🙂 It feels pretty big at first, but I’m small too, so it might not have that effect if you’re taller than me. 🙂


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