In Which I Throw Imaginary Confetti. . .


*throws confetti everywhere*

I’ve heard so much about 2016 already that I’ve written it on papers a couple of times, and I’m glad it’s finally here. ūüôā

I’d like to have lots of goals for the New Year, but the ‘checklist’ posts I’ve been doing are something I enjoy. They’re smaller, shorter-term affairs that keep me accountable on a regular basis and I plan to continue them.

Nonetheless. . .

A few long-term goals:

  • Optimistically, do¬†a first round of querying by the end of the year.
  • Start an Etsy shop or the like.
  • Wake up every morning motivated.

Last Month: December 2015:

The gift I finished. It is personalized art I hope to sell as part of a business. Curiously, we never got around to doing a Christmas card. I revamped the first act of my novel, and I think I’ll go in for another round for beta-reading soon.

This Month: January 2016

  • start plans for a senior recital/graduation party because I’m graduating this year! *throws more confetti*¬†
  • A no-heat challenge¬†for¬†my poor, befrizzled hair.
  • Make¬†more time for¬†music practice in preparation for¬†piano lessons.

A few highlights from last year:

I got glasses, started this blog, wrote my second book, and sang my first solo, and saw the ocean, among other things.

My favorite bookish post: Peter’s Character Interview

My favorite book review: Freckles by Gene Stratton-Porter.

My favorite new author: This is definitely a toss-up between John Buchan and P.G. Wodehouse, but I think Wodehouse takes the prize.

All in all, 2015 treated me well, and I’m really excited about the coming year and what it will bring to me and this blog. A big happy thank you to all the new friends who have been so welcoming, for all your comments and interest, and to everyone who had a part in making 2015 so special! Cheers!


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