A Sunshiny Tag

I was tagged by Schuyler @ Lady Bibliophile for the Sunshine tag. I am supposed to share seven things about myself. For some odd reason, I find making these lists hard, but I shall endure. I recently took up the organ. It’s not so hard; if you can read music all you need (besides the … More A Sunshiny Tag

Lamplighter Favorites

I received my first Lamplighter book as a gift for my fifth birthday from my grandparents: Teddy’s Button. I was too young to read it myself, but I remember my dad read it aloud to me and my sisters. After that they gave Lamplighters to my sisters as well, and the tradition continued for nearly ten years. I … More Lamplighter Favorites

Mr. Standfast by John Buchan

Brigadier General Richard Hannay has been withdrawn from his beloved front lines and dispatched by Bullivant to the Cotswolds. There he will infiltrate the pacifist village of Biggleswick which is suspected of hosting spies. After meeting with Mary Lamington, pretty, smart, and head of operations, and his old friend John S, Blenkiron, Hannay heads north, trying to uncover the … More Mr. Standfast by John Buchan

Friday Feature: Let Them Eat (Gluten-free, Chocolate) Cake. . .

There are two particular items which gluten free cooks seem to have trouble adjusting to fit their dietary needs: pizza and cake. (Sometimes the gluten free life is a sad life.  But I’m here to fix that. *cue heroic music*) The America’s Test Kitchen gluten-free cookbook is a gem. I used their chocolate cake recipe for the … More Friday Feature: Let Them Eat (Gluten-free, Chocolate) Cake. . .