October/November 2015 Checklist

This actually feels like it should be a December checklist. I can’t wait for Christmas! *cheezy grins* Without further ado:

welcome november

Last month: October 2015

  • Finish beta reading The Novel
  • Tackle my mending pile.

Alas, I have done nothing with my mending. It remains, judging me.

This month: November 2015

  • Kill the mending.
  • Participate in NaNoWriMo. (Pray tell, curators, why is National Novel Writing Month November and not February or March or another yawn inducing month?) I am taking aim at the traditional 50k word count.
  • Master the 12 Major and Minor scales. (Last requirement which stands between me and the fabled piano lessons.)

Another short list. But we have travels and Thanksgiving, and I have a birthday. And the church library, while no longer in shambles, still baffles visitors with incongruous labeling and haphazard towers of books.

Here’s what I’ve been up to: (A-hem, rather, what has kept me from doing my mending.)

Sorting and cataloging books. This project is on hold until I get more slips. Apparently, I’ve used all one thousand. Really, I didn’t think I used that many, but the number of books which I’ve added to the shelves has made it necessary to rearrange the entire library. That said, I have no one to blame for the poor arrangement that was last used but myself.

We also had a wedding and a funeral last month at our church, both of which our family was involved in helping with.

Making a surprise birthday party box for a friend. It would’ve been fun to add some balloons but I didn’t have helium. Maybe another time. 😛 I made this paper flower for the top. (Tutorial forthcoming!)


And party popcorn for the inside. 🙂

IMG_2617 edited

Having a blast at our two-day family reunion. The weather was beautiful and the girls spent the afternoon taking pictures. Then we got to have a sleepover and spent part of the next day together as well, something we’ve tried to arrange for years. Of course, when we didn’t try, it happened by itself.


Christmas shopping. I’ve decided to get ahead of the game this year. It extends the joy of the season and clandestine excitement, too, especially if your playlist is already pealing out ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’.

Schoolwork. This is hopefully my senior year. I am halfway through with geometry. *invincible looks and fistpumps*

And things I’ve been in love with.

Confetti bombs. Judging by the number of times I have pinned these I think I must like them.


High-end Clinique lipstick from my mom and my new Ann Taylor clutch. Tassel and bow heaven.


Free, beautiful stock images from Unsplash.

double expose girl

What have you all been up to? Leave a comment and tell me all about it!


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