Checklist: October 2015

Hello, dear readers! October and fall are here, but I am still clinging to summer, in the form of an ice cream cone. A gluten-free sugar cone that tastes like honey grahams with a delicious peanut-chocolate-caramel flavor ice cream. Something like a buster bar with graham crackers. The weather, however, has taken an autumnal turn, and the last couple of days have been exquisitely crisp and sunny. September was warm, so the color has been procrastinating, but it cannot hold out for much longer.


Anyhow, it’s a new month. And that means it’s time for a Checklist.

Last month: September 2015

  • Conquer the three songs and start piano lessons.
  • Keep on with the painting.
  • Invest in one of two crafts: watercolor or calligraphy pens.
  • Make strides in beta reading a friend’s novel.

I am getting calligraphy tools for my birthday, and a watercolor brush for Christmas.

This month: October 2015

  • Finish beta reading The Novel
  • Tackle my mending pile. (Frightful, huh?)

That’s not much, I know. But I’ll find something to keep myself occupied. Though we don’ t plan it, Octobers always contrive to be busy. For instance, my church librarian duties have kicked in and I need to catalog a dozen boxes of books before a wedding that is happening later this month. And in just one week there’s a family reunion spectacular. Oh my gingersnaps. (I like that expression, but I never cared much for gingersnaps. I always expected them to be well, snappy, like a speculoos cookie. I think that it ought to be a generalized term of speech, like ‘Oh my [insert favorite food]’; i.e. ‘oh my tortilla chips’.)

I’ve been playing piano with my cello-ing friend who has the happiest case on the Planet. Cello was one of my dreams, but it never came to fruition. What do you know? Now I have two friends who both play.

And I’m actively planning Things. I have plans slowly formulating for this blog. They’re very sketchy as of now, but I jumped into the blogging world very precipitately and I have ideas that I didn’t consider then.

Also, a fabulous thing happened. My storyboard for The Good Adventurers was featured in a post about ’20 Novel Storyboards You Should Be Following On Pinterest’. Since then the number of followers on the board and several others has tripled, maybe even quadrupled. It’s nothing huge, but I’m just so tickled, and it means that 240 people know about The Good Adventurers in a small way.

And some things I’m in love with.

Rachmaninoff’s ‘The Bells’. It’s a choral setting of a poem by Poe. I only care for the first movement, which is ‘Silver Sleigh Bells’, possibly the most cheerful bit of writing Poe ever did. I have a like in general for operatic music. A local radio station in our parts airs The Met’s live Saturday afternoon operas, and I contrive to listen to them from time to time, but it can be a hard thing to manage in our house.


Doughnuts. Like these gluten-free blueberry cake ones from Salted Plains. After making them, I think I would tweak a few things, and I’m sure acquiring a doughnut pan might be helpful.

Blueberry Cinnamon Cake Donuts #glutenfree |



I am trying, rather in vain, not to pin too many. They are all so elegant and unique and I actually have a piece of door inspired art in the works right now.

What’s keeping you all busy? Anything you’re loving lately? I’d love to hear about it!


3 thoughts on “Checklist: October 2015

  1. I enjoying cello-ing with you too, Lyd. It makes me so incredibly happy that your story board is getting the attention it so deserves. Remember when it was our a secret story board with Benedict Cumberbatch as Peter? 😉 keep on adventuring, chummy! ❤


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