Dresses, Sprinkles, and September


It’s that time of year! Notre Dame plays its first game today, and for the next three months we will all crowd the television on Saturday afternoons and agonize over rankings. Are you ready for pumpkin? I confess, I have a dislike for pumpkin coffee. I think I had too much one year. The only pumpkin foods I am anticipating are pumpkin butter and maybe pumpkin cinnamon rolls.  I do have to find a gluten-free recipe for the latter, but I have three months until peppermint reigns.

In other news, after a week of sweater weather, we are having Indian Summer. I do hope it lasts a little longer. We have more vacation after Labor Day next week and I want to go to the lake one more time this year.

I’ve been mediating on some sort of art for a new blog header; something fun involving a self-portrait and coffee and paint brushes or the like. I’m also proposing to myself a proper name, but I can’t think of anything. I’m horrible at naming things. Not characters, necessarily, but titles for books and such. (I agonized for half a year over a title for my WIP The Writer’s Game .) Suggestions are welcome! 🙂

Down to the real purpose of this post. Last month I did a ‘checklist’, as a way to keep myself accountable to my goals. Here’s the result:

Last month: August 2015

  • Accomplish what is required of me to get piano lessons.
  • Finish the second draft of The Good Adventurers.
  • Focus on good grades in the Geometry course I am taking right now. (Logic tells me that I am not very good at it.)
  • Learn more about hand-lettering and calligraphy.
  • Gain skill in painting and make it into a profitable craft.
  • Exercise more. 

I was able to accomplish four of the six things I came up with. I powered through that second draft that very same weekend and did a post about it here. After a failed test, a Saturday morning spent reviewing all the problems I had gotten wrong helped me immensely with my Geometry. I even got a 100 on a lesson this week. I did learn more about hand-lettering and calligraphy; the latter is included in my penmanship course this school year. I found a site called The Postman’s Knock, and the lady there has made up a handwriting practice sheet, like the ones we all did in first grade, only for a dip pen. Handwriting never looked so fun. And, lastly, I was able to exercise consistently. I took up running for a change this week and I’m enjoying it greatly.

Touching the things I didn’t accomplish, three songs still stand between me and my lessons. I did practice, but I spent more time playing a book of hymn arrangements I received for Christmas last year. And the painting. I’ve had my watercolors for a year, but I could spend a lifetime learning to use them. But I have been busy. The Lord has provided me with many more money-making opportunities than I could have expected, and that, of course has taken some of my time. Schoolwork is now a priority, and exercise is a time commitment as well.

This month: September 2015

  • Conquer the three songs and start piano lessons.
  • Keep on with the painting.
  • Invest in one of two crafts: watercolor or calligraphy pens.
  • Make strides in beta reading a friend’s novel.

Less this month. But I have less time to spare and I don’t think I should make up priorities for the sake of putting them down.

Here’s what I’ve been up to otherwise.

Our family had a day-cation yesterday, visiting another family on their little farm. We had a blast chatting and playing music together. One of the girls has the sweetest little pup.

Sadie and me.

We had a late drive home and I woke up at ten o’clock this morning. Now I’m blogging and drawing a sketch of Peter for an upcoming charrie interview,  with a coffee and g-f brownie in hand. (This is the epitome of multitasking, people.)

Here’s a peek at what else I’ve been drawing/painting.

gold dots

My attempt at a fashion sketch. (Excuse the horrible picture.) I’m not sure why I persist in trying to draw heads that way. They never turn out quite right.


This one is inspired by my favorite outfit lately. A simple pop of color with classic stripes. Also, I found out that painting on a larger scale is much easier than painting a small picture. I discovered that the paper in my biggest sketchbook will hold a little bit of paint, and I couldn’t be happier.

And some things I’m in love with lately.

Source: Instagram (Paris in four months)

 Instagram. The single-est most reason I want an iphone.


Sprinkles. This picture is from a vacation in June, coming into my dad’s hometown after a long drive. We stopped and got ice cream at a roadside place. Sprinkles are a charm that make regular ol’ vanilla soft serve into a party.

Source: Pinterest

And dresses. I have a little infatuation with dresses. I just got one in the mail this week for next summer; one of those silky vintage midi dresses with a cut full skirt that stands out and swishes and a colorful floral pattern – swoon.

Book reviews, the second installment of snippets, and a character interview are on the agenda this month, so stay posted!


2 thoughts on “Dresses, Sprinkles, and September

  1. Those drawings are amazing — and for me, the head doesn’t look strange at all. They are beautifully done. 😀

    Keep up with calligraphy! I loved during that, but unfortunately, college gets in the way sometimes. I know I want to learn how to write more eloquently with a quill and ink. I haven’t mastered it exactly… 😛


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