Checklists: August ’15

August '15 checklist copyTsk, tsk, what is my problem? I haven’t posted for a week. There are books that I could give my opinion on, but I’m not in the mood. There are illustrations I could be drawing, but I’m procrastinating. There’s a moth and a butterfly in need of mounting, but I don’t have what I need to do that. Ideas for an Etsy shop are going round in my head. There’s a manuscript waiting for changes, but right now I’m focusing on completing the second (or is it the third?) draft of The Good Adventurers.

Also, I took a week-long break from the computer recently. This was not of my own accord, but it was helpful. I have been reflecting some lately on Time. We should be awed by the phenomenon. Just like eternity, time itself is an amazing thing. It goes by so fast. I wrote this back in April, in my other WIP:

Life creeps up on us and catches us off guard if we are not careful to catch it first, before it escapes us.

Here it is, August, Before we know it 2016 will be upon us. I keep thinking of things that happened in 2007-8 and I am shocked that it was seven or eight years ago. 2012-13 still seems like yesterday.

In Eph. 5:16 Paul reminds us that we must be ‘Redeeming the time, for the days are evil.’ I have failed in this recently. Okay, so compiling a list of actors as characters in The Good Adventurers is not a profitable use of time. I admit to actually wasting many hours in that very pursuit. (Though I might share the results someday.) I could blame it on writer’s block, but that is only an excuse, and there is no profit in making a dream cast for my book.

Perhaps I will post less often on here. Perhaps changing my priorities will not affect this blog. It depends on whether any thoughts for content occur to me. That autumn will be upon us next month is growing real to me. August is an unusual time for introspection and retrospection, but this New Years, I want to look back 2015 and say that it truly was profitable year. More than half of it is over, so I must make the most of what is left, and now is better than never.

Maybe we should have monthly resolutions instead of yearly ones. That way we would have twelve ‘fresh’ starts, and frequent occasions to change and better ourselves and our goals. Perhaps I will make this a practice. But without further ado:

This month: August 2015

  • Accomplish what is required of me to get piano lessons.
  • Finish the second draft of The Good Adventurers.
  • Focus on good grades in the Geometry course I am taking right now. (Logic tells me that I am not very good at it.)
  • Learn more about hand-lettering and calligraphy.
  • Gain skill in painting and make it into a profitable craft.
  • Exercise more.

Now that we have that nailed down, here are some things I am in love with recently.

Flowers. Fresh flowers. A lady from our church brings a new arrangement from her garden for the front of the sanctuary every week. They are so charming.

(source: Pinterest)

My new sparkle Van’s.


Fashion sketches. J’adore. So many possibilities.

(source: Pinterest)

What are some goals you have for the rest of the summer? What are you loving recently? Leave a comment and share!


One thought on “Checklists: August ’15

  1. My goal for the rest of the summer is surviving one of my more intense college classes. *chuckles* But anyhow. I’m really loving the earthy scent of rain-drenched ground, humidity, and cloudy days. ^_^


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