Hasty Reading

Welcome to this little experiment of mine. I’ve had ideas for a blog to share my writing with the world for some time, and now it’s finally happening! I’m just a bit exited, of course. I’ll be sharing book reviews of what I’m reading,  book updates on what I’m writing, and little bits of what I’m creating with my paints and pencils. A few recipes may likely find their way here as well. Gluten-free recipes, naturally.

But, to begin, here’s a thought from Charles Spurgeon:

Spurgeon quote italics

I confess, this quote made me cringe the first time I read it. But it was a good cringe; an I-can-learn-from-this cringe.

I am unspeakably guilty of hasty reading. I once wondered how my favorite blogger could produce so many profound and wise thoughts on the books she read. This quote helped me realize that she likely reads books with purpose and gives them a great deal of thought. Hopefully sharing book reviews will require me to give more thought to what I read. Similar to writing book reports, except not compulsory and much more pleasant.

(Not that I ever found writing a book report unpleasant.)

Join me soon for the first review!


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